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Kenner, Jefferson Parish

Kenner Jefferson Parish Real Estate

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Kenner, Jefferson Parish

Kenner is located in Jefferson Parish, which was established in 1825 and was named after Thomas Jefferson in commemoration of his role in purchasing the Louisiana territory from France in 1803. Named for early plantation owner Duncan Kenner, the city of Kenner has many notable areas including Rivertown, Pontchartrain Center and the Treasure Chest Casino.  Kenner is also home to the Louis Armstrong International Airport.Kenner is now the seventh largest city in Louisiana. For families looking to relocate, Kenner offers a wide range of schooling options and for everyone, a variety of housing options.  Located 10 miles north of New Orleans, Kenner is nestled between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain. According to many locals, Kenner has all the charm of a small town but with the convenience of the big city.  As stated on the Kenner City website, “If you are looking for a place to call home or just to kick back for a while, come on over and see what we have to offer.”

Suburban-Style Housing

Housing options are many in Kenner as the area offers large, more upscale homes as well as smaller homes. Condominiums and townhomes are also popular and can be found throughout Metairie. There are also a number of upscale subdivisions, including the gated community of Gabriel, a planned community along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, and Chateau Estates, which includes the desirable Chateau Golf & Country Club. Other notable neighborhoods that offer spacious homes are: Chateau Lakefront, Driftwood, Grandlake Garden Homes, Highway Park, Lake Trail, Louisiana Trace, Oakland Plantation, Place Pontchartrain, Seton Park, South Lake Village, and Woodlake Estates.

Dining and Family Fun In Kenner

Like its neighbor Metairie, you don’t have to look far if you are searching for a place to eat; you can find everything from the popular chain restaurants to the mom-and-pop eateries.  A few of the more popular establishments are Brick Oven Café, Copelands, Ground Pati Restaurant, Le Parvenu Restaurant and Olive Garden.

As mentioned in an earlier in the Metairie section, a popular destination in Jefferson Parish that boarders Metairie and Kenner is Lafreniere Park.  The park offers plenty of green space for a wide variety of activities including baseball, disc golf and walking or biking, among many things. The park is also home to year-round special events such as Pet Fest, Park-A-Boo and fundraising walk-a-thons among other things.

Kenner also has a variety of options for outings such as large mall for shopping, the Kenner Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema, and the Rivertown Repertory Theatre.

Getting Involved

Kenner has numerous neighborhood associations including Chateau Estates Civic Association, Driftwood Park Civic Association, Lake Vista of Jefferson Civic Association, South Lake Village and Woodlake Estates Civic Association.

Kenner Area Real Estate

Although Kenner is its own city, it’s best defined as a close suburb of New Orleans. On a good traffic day, the commute to downtown is only 15-20 minutes. Yet Kenner offers some very reasonable home prices, with the median home price in 2010 of only $160k and a median size of 3/2 with about 1,650 square feet. Kenner is an active real estate market, with nearly 300 homes were sold in 2010 alone.

There are also some extremely affordable condominium options in well-kept communities of Kenner. The average condominium sold in 2010 was a 2/2 with more than 1,300 square feet, for less than $100k. Avant Garde and Chateau, for example are designed much more like townhouses rather than condominium buildings, and include amenities like tennis courts and pools.

Most notable in Kenner are the sought-after areas close to the Chateau Gold & Country Club and gated lakefront communities. In these areas, homes over $300k average well over 3,000 square feet, have four bedrooms and three baths, and sell for around $110 per square foot. (All data based upon 2010.) These areas offer home owners that need or desire large residences a tremendous value within a short commute of a major metropolitan area.

Kenner History

When the French found New Orleans in 1718, they marked a spot on their map upriver from the Crescent City and named it “Cannes Brulee,” a French term meaning “burnt canes.”  The French explorers hailed the area as such because they observed the natives burning cane to drive out wild game.  That spot marked so long ago is now known as Kenner, LA.

In 1799, William Kenner, a 23-year-old Virginian moved to New Orleans and became a prominent businessman and leader who was actively involved in Louisiana Purchase matters in 1803. He married and had seven children, four of which became plantation owners amassing large plots of land in what was still being called Cannes Brulee.

It was a Kenner descendent, Minor Kenner, who had the idea that Cannes Brulees could become a city because of the proximity to New Orleans and the introduction of a railroad system. He hired a surveyor to lay out a plan for the development and on March 2 of 1855, Kenner was born. Kenner and Thompson’s vision would take time to develop, but today the basic layout of Old Kenner is very similar to the plan laid out in 1855.